photo credit Bruno Ruffini

With just under 200 independent countries in the world, how does one experience them all in a lifetime?

This vast array of cultures, with their various customs and languages, often serves as an excuse to keep us isolated and disengaged. We look then to the writer—to whom even the most inveterate traveler is beholden—in order to experience, although vicariously, a view from each corner of our globe.

As human beings we are connected both as individuals and populations, not only through industry and trade, but through art and literature as well. However, it is the knowledge of our common mortality that unifies us all. This awareness enables us to approach differences with greater insight, and hopefully, bridge the gaps of misunderstanding.

I was fortunate to have a global perspective since I was a child. Growing up in the Czech Republic, and traveling with my family throughout Europe, I was given a beautiful prism to hold. With curious eyes I peered into it, and saw a wonderful world of differences and similarities; a world imploring for exploration. My travels awakened a spirit of inquiry, and served as a catalyst to my artistic ambitions.

It was in New York City that I embraced my calling. Although landscapes and architecture filled photo journals and portraits covered canvases, it was my love for the written word that won out in the end. Seduced by methods of storytelling, I ventured into the realm of the journalist. I’ve used writing to give myself an interesting life and a continuing education.

My latest education involves exploring the Middle East and again, Europe. My interest in meeting new people—learning about their lives and telling their stories—coupled with my love of travel, compelled me to undergo an important journey. As a writer, my intention is to explore and communicate, to engage my creative nerves, and ultimately to share my exposure into a world seldom seen.

In the words of William Zinsser, “Learning is a tonic.”